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Atmospheres imaging was formed over 14 years ago to attempt to capture through underwater photo and video the beauty and wonder of the worlds above and below the surface of the oceans so that it can be appreciated by people around the world wherever they may be.

To this end Atmospheres developed into a underwater video production and portable photographic unit with a unique style of shooting in an attempt to preserve some of the atmosphere and mystery of the land and underwater realms.
Since that time we have been contracted by numerous agencies for that very reason and for our distinctive style of underwater imaging that we hope gives our clients some of the feelings and visions that many divers and travellers experience whilst exploring the ocean planet.
Our services include high definition underwater video stock footage, underwater stock photo library and on-line picture image bank and also professional underwater photographer and underwater video production services for hire.
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Underwater photo courses by Jez Tryner in Thailand, Indonesia or Burma.
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